Expat Seminar

January 2017 Latin American Seminar


Johnny keeps threatening to quit doing these.

This will be the biggest ever, but will be smaller than those to come, if he decides to continue.

As you know, things are changing in the US.  Anyone who says it is not Koo Koo Pants (Thanks, Augie) up there in this election, well, send me some of your drugs.

So Johnny will be back ONE MORE TIME.  January 2017.  Probably starting the 14th.

Pre and Post Trips

Panajachel Pottery
Panajachel Pottery

I told Johnny there would be no more 4 day Pre and Post Trips and all of a sudden without the seminar even being confirmed there are people asking about them. 

Johnny shows how the Third World can seem like the First World with all of its conveniences and comfort.  The Pre and Post trips give you a taste of the real people of Central America at one of the Most Beautiful Lakes on earth, with plenty of interaction of with the 1500 year old Mayan culture.

Private Guide Trip


And there will also be Private Guide trips available for about 50% more than what the Galt Pre and Post seminar trips cost.  We don’t have the private trip available for Pre Seminar, just the Galt trip.  But if you are into privacy, there will be at least one guide available for your own private trip.


Probably the seminar starts the 7th. 

Pre trip will start on the 4th with delivery directly to Johnny’s opening meeting on the 7th.

Post Trip starts the 13th the day after the seminar ends on the 16th with delivery back to the first seminar hotel, The Barcelo (its 15 min from the GUA Airport).

The echos of past seminars

I wonder how many people said “Wow, I wish I had scheduled time for these trips.  I just didn’t realize what they really were.”

Pre and Post trips are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

If you are doing residency on that trip plan let us know so we can get your embassy appointments NOW.  The U. S. is becoming more and more difficult to work with.

The private tours are VERY limited.

We will take up to 10 people on each of the Galt trips.  First come first serve, so get in on the them now.


Seminar Size

Johnny always wants to keep these seminars smaller, but events in the US are causing this one to fill up before even announced.  Already over 50% of the seats are spoken for.  Johnny says he has never had this happen before.  Never had people asking to come and sending money before the October Announcement.  The reason for smaller size?  Personal service.