Post Trip At a Glance


Day 1 – Guatemala City, Tecpan, Solola, Lake Atitlan

Day 2 – San Juan La Laguna, Coffee Coop, Weaving

Day 3 – Santiago de Atitlan, San Pedro

Day 4 – San Marcos, Jaibalito, Panajachel


Daily Activity Key

Light = 2–4 miles of mostly level walking throughout the day.

Moderate = 2–6 miles walking throughout the day with some hills and stairs.

Strenuous = 2–8 miles of walking throughout the day with lots of hills, stairs, and uneven terrain.





Day 1 – It’s shuttle time again.  We’ll get out of the city and head to the mountains where we’ll explore the area and have a wonderful lunch at a local favorite.  We’ll also visit Solola, the capital of the lake region.  From Solola, we’ll head down the hill to the lake where our private boat will take us to our hotel.  Dinner will be at our hotel.

Bus: 5 hours. Walking: Moderate



Day 2 – Now it’s time to decompress.  You will have the opportunity to just sit in the hammock and read all day or you can join us in the village of San Juan.  We’ll visit a local coffee coop where the local growers take their harvests for processing.  July isn’t coffee season, but we’ll be able to learn about how the local farmers produce their crops.  We’ll also eat at a typical local restaurant.  You’ll have plenty of time to wander the local art galleries and weaving coops.  We’ll have dinner in San Juan.

Bus: None.  Walking: Strenuous 

Tuk Tuks in San Juan
Tuk Tuks in San Juan
La Voz Coffee Coop
La Voz Coffee Coop
Shopping in Santiago
Shopping in Santiago


Day 3 – We’ll take the boat to Santiago, a typical Mayan village.  Sunday is market day and you’ll be able to use your haggling skills for all sorts of local items.  This is also the day we find Maximon.  Once we’re finished, we’ll head over to San Pedro La Laguna to visit Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ and a look at the town.  You’ll have time to explore the town or head back to the hotel for a siesta.  We’ll have a light dinner at the hotel.

Bus: None.  Walking: Strenuous




Smokin' Joes Menu
Smokin’ Joes Menu


Day 4 – Check out of our hotel and hit a couple more lake towns from our private boat.  We’ll see San Marcos and Jaibalito before we land in Panajachel for lunch.  Then we’ll shuttle back to Guatemala City.  

Bus: 4 hours. Walking: Moderate

San Marcos
San Marcos





$950 per person, single occupancy

$1400 per couple, double occupancy. 

2 payment option is also available.


What’s included???


  • All transportation
    • Private Shuttle to and from the Lake
    • Tuk Tuks in San Juan and Santiago
  • Lodging
  • Breakfast every day in the hotel
  • All admissions and any local guides
    • MiraFlores Museum
    • Coffee Coop tour
    • Tour of Santiago
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Me – You’ll get all the stories you want. And maybe some you don’t.   And some more than once.  But I’ll be here to help with anything.


What do you need money for??


  • Your lunches, dinners, snacks, drinks. Anything that’s not breakfast.
  • Shopping.
  • Tips (shuttle drivers, translators, tuk tuk drivers). If you need help figuring out what to tip, just ask.  It’s not as expected here as it is in the First World which makes it appreciated. 



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