The Expat Files Show # 628 – January 27, 2017



 #1- Ten things you definitely need to know before hiring your Latin maid, cleaning lady or domestic.

 #2- Taking your scratched and dented car to the local hole-in-the-wall body-shop: Today’s “boots on the ground” story. A few tips and things you’ll need to keep and eye out for.. but then again, ignorance is bliss..

 #3 –More new Gringo business ideas and tips on doing business in Latin America  

 #4- A few words and some real estate tips when homesteading in the boonies- if that’s your thing

 #5- Going off the power grid in Latin America: How feasible is it for the average Joe?(Expats are anything but average, right?)

 #6- Funerals and cemeteries in Latin America: If you plan on living forever- you can skip this part

 #7-Try the new “Podcast by Phone” feature. Lsten to the last FIVE Expat Files programs over the phone. Just dial: 1-701-719-0893

 #8– Johnny’s new “Expat Essentials Course” is a blueprint for your Plan B. The best way to get it kick-started before coming to Latin America. At see the three video intros to the “Expat Essentials” course.