The Expat Files Show # 675 – June 9, 2017



#1- When gringo retirement plans in Latin America go awry: today’s “boots on the ground” story
#2- When and why gringos in Latin America just can’t assimilate (even a little) into Latin culture. We complain about Latins who bring their customs (good and bad) to the states while some of us gringos in Latin America do the same and can be just a stubborn  
#3-A tip for Newbee Expats: beware of friendly gringos who seem a bit too helpful, upbeat or nosy. They usually have something to sell or some pet project they are pushing and you just may have qualified as the next likely mark.  
#4-Latin Real Estate contracts and examples of what can happen if a contract is not satisfied
#5- Retired Americans living in Mexico weigh in on how the influx of millions of Expats and gringos have tainted their former paradise. Some say its as if they had the word “Sucker” tattooed on their foreheads
#6- Do you get mailings from International Living? A female listener tells how disappointed she was after attending an IL seminar in Latin America.
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