The Expat Files Show # 710 – November 17, 2017



#1- “El Sueno Canadiense” the “Canadian Dream”:
Today we talk about how Canadian citizens feel about poor Latinos who are
suddenly seeing Canada as a nicer, safer alternative destination to the
so-called “American Dream” in light of the Trump presidency. Lately for both
Latins and gringos the usual stateside  “American Dream” has lost its

#2- Health care and Insurance in Latin America, Part 2:
The latest updates on Private Heath-care Insurance for expats in Latin
America with an emphasis on new govt healthcare mandates for foreigners in

#3- When gringos start to arrive at a destination in droves, what are the
local Latins thinking?
Today we discuss some of the unfortunate secondary effects of gringo
invasions on local Latinos

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