The Expat Files Show # 727 – January 21, 2018



 #1- Moving money and assets across borders is one of the top 5 questions expats hit me with. Can you move assets and dough down anonymously? What are the restrictions? Do I know expats who have been prohibited from doing so? Just know that certain monetary restrictions are here already and they’re gonna get much worse. Today we have an update on what you need to know now…

#2- Shipping your guns, ammo, kitchen knives and samurai swords to Latin America: the rules and regs.

#3- Lawbreaking gringos and expats:
What happens when a gringo/expat living in Latin America finds he’s wanted for some crime or offense in the USA. Maybe he even knew about the pending charges but somehow slipped into Latin America before his stateside SHTF.  Should you worry about being picked up and sent back for a stateside court order,  missed court date or grand jury appearance? Or perhaps there are stateside legal judgments pending? What next?

#4- A new “heads up” if you’re thinking about bringing physical gold or precious metal assets through borders and airports.

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