Need to catch up on all The Expat Files shows? This is the right place! Here are the last 3 months.

December 2018

Climate & Living; Healthcare Plans; The Chinese

Black Americans in Latin America; Dogs; Gringo Advantage Strikes Again; Latin Kindness

Another Dirty Little Secret; “Fiador”; Latin Lawyer

Insectisides; Imported Food; Caravan

November 2018

Eating Healthy, Or Not; Crazy Rich Latins; Hitting A Person In Traffic; Mexico

Tax Crimes In Latin America; Venezuela Side Effects; TSA & Border Shakedowns; 

Police Radar Traps; Clueless Gringos; Google Translate; Lying Latin Landlords

10 Things  We Take For Granted In Cleveland; Property; Kitchens; Glass Ceiling

Ladies’ Last Words On Dating; Plan B; Libertarians; Daylight Savings Time; Hiking & Camping

Cuban Vices; Coffee; Johnny’s Travel Kit

Preppers; US Government Slugs; Bloggers; Owning A Beach House

Schools & Teachers

October 2018

Expat Lonely Hearts; “Devil Is In The Details”; Gringos With Successful Latin Businesses; Venezuelans

Lonely Hearts Part 3; Julian Assange

January 2019 Seminar Announcement; Lonely Hearts Part 4

Gringa Ladies Strike Back; Backpackers; Lonely Hearts Part 5

A Milestone; Latin Kid Names; Bitcoin Dan; Spanish Language Wall

Seminar Critique; 10 Tips for Canadians; International Driver’s License; Latin Cop Encounters

Prescription Drugs; Bad Advice; Latin Ambulance Chasers; More Gringos Scamming Gringos

September 2018

Lost In Translation; Latin Cultural “Bubbles”; Chickens; Insurance

Gringos Ripping Off Gringos Part 2; Investing Money; Chicken Buses; Montezuma’s Revenge

Business Niches; Food Trucks; Ex-USA Military; “Awesome”; Chicken Bus News

Business Startups; Handicapped Gringos Part 1; Bad Advice

Handicapped Gringos Part 2; Elderly Expats; Guatemala; Learning Spanish From TV & YouTube; Real Estate Bubble Update

Big Brother; Socialism; Uruguay, Argentina, & Colombia

Women In Advertising; Modeling; Feminism; Accents

Expat Lonely Hearts Part 1; Drunk Driving; Prejudice & Racism

Expats DIY; US Military Vets; Lonely Hearts Part 2