The Expat Files Show # 755 – April 29, 2018



#1- There are many alpha male (and female) Gringo and Expat chance takers who come down and insist in doing things THEIR way: Is that the wrong attitude? Does it spell success, or disaster? 

#2- More trouble brews for expats and gringos in Ecuador as that country’s version of Big Brother swings into high gear and imposes much stricter immigration laws… again 

#3- What’s the worst that can happen to a gringo or expat who overstays his or her visa?

What if one overstays in a Latin country for years and years? That’s the subject of today’s “boots on the ground” story 

#4- Ecuador’s finances are in bad shape and that news there is NOT good for gringos and expats: 

#5- TEN Things you need to know about Argentina that no one wants to talk about: 

#6-Announcing Johnny’s next “Latin American Insider” seminar. It will take place from Saturday, July 7th thru Thursday, July 12th 2018. Get the details and the scoop on the early-bird discounts by going to and clicking on the “seminar” link.   

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