Panajachel in ¿Paradise? Thieves and Sacrifices

This is a bummer.  I listened to the Expat Files show yesterday about thieves in the night and sure enough, last night there was a clatter or more of a smash.  Like a Gato I came out of bed like I was 20 and assumed my Keeyah MF stance, ready to do battle.  I quickly surveyed.  Laptop there.  iPad there.  Phone there.  Magic boxer shorts there.  Okay, what the hell?  On the floor was the rates placard that is framed with wood.  It had come unstuck and fallen.  They used med tape to attach it.  Tonight I will put a little table in front of the door.  Listening to too much Expat Files puts one on edge.  Or is it being in a new environment?

And now today, I hear the beat of drums.  The natives seem to be restless here on the edge of the jungle next to the lake.  They have chosen Jardines del Lago as the place to sacrifice a virgin.  Or maybe it is a wedding.  Oh well, I am fleeing.  Today I become a tourist and head off to that place recommended in Santa Cruz, the Hotel Tzununa' for what Johnny calls the view of a lifetime.  Maybe the butterflies and zip lines at the reserva if time permits.

photo copy

No luck with a money belt.  What is that in spanish?

Maybe tonight I will try to summarize three or four shows on the Expat Files.  The essential expat travel kit.  He talked about some stuff I wish I had brought.

Lost Blemish, as Johnny would say.

Biz Spaeter.

пока не поздно



Or, Later Dude.

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