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A Blogger who knows not and knows not he knows not, he is a fool—shun him;

A Blogger who knows not and knows he knows not, he is simple—teach him;

A Blogger who knows and knows not he knows, he is asleep—wake him;

A Blogger who knows and knows he knows, he is wise—follow him!


But keep my perspective.  I am an ex Alphabet Agency guy.  Our motto was, "In God We Trust.  All Others We Monitor."

Monitor more sources than just this one.

Continually look for verifying sources on your bloggers and on me too.

Panajachel on Lago Atitlan

A place where every sunset is a promise.


Or where you can have someone paddle you on a lake and you can just let your hand dangle in the warm water.

Yes caution is needed.  There are three types of bloggers that come to mind.


The new or Pollyanna Blogger.

Everything is always good.

Only sees the good.

Only talks about the good.

Head in the sand.


The Pissed at the world Blogger.

Wants to always point out what is wrong.

Looking for the bad.

Left their original country because they were upset with EVERYTHING.

Doesn't know why the people in their current location can't be more like where he or she came from.


The Obligated Blogger.

Tries to tell you all sides of the story.

Tries to not rate other places he sees based on comparison of where he is.

Tries to make sure you come on your adventure with your eyes wide open.

Gives you other sources to use for your decision making.

Is concerned about you and your experience.

Knows he doesn't know it all.


Actually I can think of another.

The Used Car Salesman Blogger

I have something to sell you.

You should come here so I can sell you something.

It is in my best interest for you to come here.


Tourists, Travelers, Seekers

Then there are those coming this way.

The Pollyannas.  

There is only beauty in the world.  

There are no wild animals that don't want to be petted.

Or snakes that need to be kissed.


The Pissed Off.  

Those that just want to escape and don't care where.  

Just want out.  

They will figure it out when they get there.


The knowledge seekers.  

They do their homework.  

They want input from different sources.  

They are cautious of the blogs that have conflicts of interest. 


This Blog



It is not the end all, be all.  I have noticed that especially since I did the Panama trip in December.  Perhaps you have noticed I have had trouble finishing it off.  The last part on Boquete, Las Tablas, Panama City and the condensed likes and dislikes have been held up.  Reason?  Well, I have been questioning my honesty.  Yes, you heard it right!

Most of it is done and waiting to be published, but did I downgrade my opinion of Panama because I was looking at it from my Antigua eyes and looking for the bad?  Was I negative to it because one of the major travel sights is promoting it because they have projects that will bring that travel site revenues?  

Coming from the Financial Planning part of the world where the needs of others came above mine, makes it hard for me to promote based on my income.  Does that make sense?  

My Job and Blog

My responsibility is to try to give the intelligent person correct information and sources.  I believe that intelligent people, given quality information, will make intelligent decisions.


It drives me nuts to hear of people who make a decision to move to a beach location based on a BN-HA567_taxpic_G_20150219111931website that has offers to promote.  Then they find out, ooops, walking alone at night on a beautiful beach will get your robbed at gun point.  Or they run into health problems and find the nearest quality care is not even located in that country.  Or buy on a whim without good representation only to find they are subject to the government taking their land and house away.


It drives me crazoer than nuts to hear people based their whole decision to visit and live in this country solely based on MY BLOG.  Did they read all of them?  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?


Making a Major Move Successfully Takes a Devotion to Research

Do yourself a favor.  Research!  Sure a major site is promoting the hell out of Ecuador.  Join some of the Ecuador FB blogs and look for multiple blogs on line.  What type of people migrated there?  Are they HAPPY or are they moaning and groaning?  What type of people are drawn to the FB blogs?  Are they just those running away from something because they are unhappy?  Or are they happy people looking to up the adventure in their lives?  



If you are considering Central or Latin America, I think it foolish not to consider the LATIN AMERICA "INSIDER" SEMINAR.  Why?  The whole story is told there or most of it and 50% of your time will be actually Boots On The Ground.  Visits to two different towns.  Intros to Expats that have made the move.  A chance to see the inside of one of the hospitals and to see the empty Emergency Room.  Talks and visits to real estate properties with a discussion of potential problems in the future.  Visits to a couple of factories where the Expats really made it big.  A chance to hear their stories of where it worked and didn't work.  

One of my favorites is The Expat Files on

Another is The Wake Up Call, also at the same web address.

And look at Rich's sites. and OKAntigua.

And for Antigua, also, Que Pasa Magazine.

I write at Guat-Ever on FB, TheNewExpat, The Expat Files.

Then there is Getting Stamped a whole world experience.

And form my friend, Expat Mom.  Raising children and working remotely out of the US.

Every country and town has their Facebook Blogs.  I look for the feel of them and in fact made a decision not to go check out a country based on the attitude of the responders on one of the FB sites.

I learned a ton on Panama and Boquete from the people who were so enthralled and now moving out or lost their property to an overreaching government or poor legal paperwork.  The same on Costa Rica.  Countries and cities change especially after they have attracted their quota of Expats.

And I have a couple of major travel sites that if they promote a country, I lose interest.

Caution!  Research!  Multiple Sources.

Nos Vemos,     —->    Who is John Galt?

This blog comes directly from Galtenango.  

Lago Atitlan
Sunset, Lago Atitlan

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