Hacked Update

Experience – Still Sucks As A Teacher


For You Bloggers

I almost broke my arm patting myself on the back with all the new people signing up.  Over 500 in three days.  Wow.  I am special.  I am such a good writer.  I have such a great subject.  Then the piano falls on my head when I find a post I didn’t put in.  El Yuk.  I HAVE BEEN HACKED.

For All You New People

You have been hacked too.  Somehow this POS has your emails and uses a robot to sign you up on my site.  Check for malware on your systems.

For You New People From Johnny’s Sites

Well, welcome to you.  You got here just in time to see what hacking looks like.  I think I got it down before all were offended.  It is terrible to have so many years building a reputation and then to have some low level organism come in to post crap like what is now gone.

Can Happen Anywhere In The World

Guess you are not immune living outside the US.  Not sure how it came about, but am assured by GoDaddy all the cash I paid today will be in effect within 24 hours.  

See, even John Galt is not exempt from the POSs of this world.

At Ease and let’s carry on.

Juan Galt

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