Seminar Emergency Notice

Seminar Emergency Notice

Contact me immediately!

Living In Latin America

To all my friends and readers who are considering coming down to the Latin America Seminar in January, the discount expired yesterday.


What is common in Latin America is Latin American Time.  If you are told 1 hour, figure tomorrow.  If 1 day, figure next week, if you are told next week, count on next month, if you are told next month, well, place no bets on this year.

Nothing from Johnny Yet

Johnny said the discount would disappear Oct. 31st, but I don’t have his information yet changing that, so as a Special, if you are serious about coming, tell me today and I will fight with Johnny to get the $500 discount for you or give it from the website.  I will just tell him a Latin American Truth.  That I got your request to signup ayer (yesterday), which also could translate to last week or last year.

Fill out the form below and get it to me ASAP.

Atitlan Before and After

Lago Atitlan
Sunset, Lago Atitlan


In the talks right now is a pre seminar trip to Panajachel, the Nature Reserve, Waterfalls, Suspension bridges, Butterfly Tent, Atitlan Museo, Street Food, Pharmacy introduction, good food, good drinks, good shopping and lessons on what to pay.


San Pedro la Laguna.  We will launch ourselves to maybe as many as 5 towns on the lake, plus a Sunday BBQ that will knock your socks off, if you wear socks.  Bring you suspenders.  

Expat Accompanied

Let us know if you are interested in one of those trips.  You will have your own Expat with you to answer any questions you might have.

Juan Galt is on your side.


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