THE EXPAT FILES SHOW #513: 11-20-2015 (FRI)



 THE EXPAT FILES SHOW #513: 11-20-2015 (FRI):

Road Blocks 

-Police road blocks with cops stopping certain vehicles are a common site in Latin America. Today we have a #roadblock story you just won’t believe. In this story those pesky first-world “do gooders” are at it again?


– By the way, don’t be afraid or be worried if you get pulled over at a roadblock. The cops are generally nice… nice and lazy and non-threatening, especially “off the tourist trail”. Cops really do like to bond and talk to gringos. You might even get asked nicely to a buy them  coke or a gallon or two of gas. Note: none of that niceness is certain if you’re stopped in Mexico.   


Note from Blogger:    I have been advised to bring a cooler with cokes and a box of cigars, cheap ones.  Makes a stop go quicker.     

-A road trip story and some driving tips for gringos and expats who chance driving their car through Mexico and/or parts further south.   

Consider Altiplano

-The nuances of the famous “altiplano” areas explained. Yes, there are many more altiplano regions than you might think- and some are much better suited for Expat living than others. You really need to know these details…

Note from Blogger:  I live in the Altiplano.  In January when you are 5 degrees with 65 mph north winds, we are around 75 for a high every day and 58-62 each night.  I know, you expected that.  In the summer when you in Dallas are 108 or in Albuquerque in August when you are 100 and your swamp coolers don’t work because of the humidity, we are around 75 with lows of 60-64.  


-Today an email from a #Canadian expat explaining why he can no longer  live in his own corrupt first-world country… and why he much prefers the ever so predictable small-time corruption of #Mexico to the big time corruption of first-world states like his.      


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