The United States Government puts a new obstacle in its embassies for their  citizens 

From the last days of November of 2015, many American citizens have had a new obstacle to manage when getting assistance with documents in American embassies around the world.

It is a new policy of the U.S. Government, which affects the American citizens who are in a foreign country.  They must apply for an appointment at the U.S. Embassy to manage issues such as certifications, registration of marriage or birth and other consular services.

Scheduling Headache

In particular, it has been a serious obstacle to U.S. citizens who want to apply for residency in a foreign country. Now they must make an appointment, that sometimes is set one, two or three month in the future in order to enter the Consulate and get a certified photocopy of their Passport. The certified copy of the passport through the Consulate which is a common requirement to apply for visa abroad.

This has caused much criticism by U.S. citizens, as well as lawyers and foreign advisers that Americans hire abroad.

Now, it should be planned very well the date of filing a residency application, since it seems the  American Consulate or Embassy is no longer there with forthcoming help for the citizens it supposedly serves.


Does this mean that in the event of the many crisis notifications from a US Embassy in a foreign country, that should there be a call for US Citizens to shelter in an Embassy for safety that we should first obtain an appointment?

We know that this is a new policy established around the world and our expats friends in Latin America are suffering the consequences.

Every day we see more controlling and strict policy from what is becoming a more nasty Uncle Sam.  It seems we are here to serve our government and not the other way around.  It is sad to see Embassy services being put in a priority behind martini lunches and golf rounds or whatever they hell is more important that the US Citizen abroad.  

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