Tool Tuesday!

Tool Tuesdays


Starting today we will be doing Tool Tuesdays for a few weeks.

It is amazing the number of people who are considering traveling abroad and ask, “How can I increase my security?”  

Well, over the next few weeks these Tuesdays will start with one or two of the recommended tools.  

(Click on the picture to order.)

Addalock – (1 Piece)

Let’s start with this door security device.

  • The Addalock is a door lock, a portable door lock,installs in seconds, no tools required
  • The Addalock gives you additional security and privacy
  • Use on any door that has hinges and opens inwards.
  • Great for home, travel, apartment living, hotel, motel and students away at college.
  • Great for privacy

I use the Addalock and carry one of the rubber door stoppers with me, along with about ten other things.

And they say, “Do you really need something like this in Germany or Guatemala?”  

Well, you may only need it once.  If you have it, then super.  If you never need it, then just leave it in your suitcase and if your world goes to crap, you can kick yourself in the butt and ask yourself why you are so stupid.

Example:  Johnny Mueller on his radio show, The Expat Files, says “Never drive at night!”  I heard it.  It sounded like a good idea until one night coming back from a trip to Mexico I felt I could make the rest of the way home.  And then……

  1. I found the road was not 4 lane divided highway, but two,
  2. no reflective markers,
  3. no lighting, no lines,
  4. no center lines,
  5. no place to pull off,
  6. not enough light from my car to illuminate the road on low beams
  7. and could see nothing at all when blinded by oncoming traffic.  
  8. Just could not see the sides of the road.  

The moral?  

Never drive at night in Central America.

Get your Addalock for a little extra security.

Eyes open, No fear,

Juan Galt

Galtenango, Central America


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