Tool Tuesdays #2

Tool Tuesday #2

This week we are going to look at two new items.  I am handling some of the smaller ones now.  Most of the things in the first four weeks will be Johnny Mueller, The Expat Files Radio Show.  He does his shows for Friday and Sunday publication.  The New Expat tries to get them up the day before and on YouTube also.  Subscribe here to not miss a show and subscribe on YouTube also.  Later on, I will cover the ones that I also travel with.

Dry Pak

This is one that I don’t carry.  Why?  Because I always forget to buy it when in the states.  Darn on me.  Do I miss it?  Yippers!  Every darned rainy season and every time I am not wanting to leave valuables on a beach or by a waterfall.

Dry Pak TPU and Hermetically Sealed Underwater Belt Pack with Nylon with Waterproof Backing

  • nylon
  • buckle closure
  • 1″ high
  • 7″ wide
  • Blue waterproof nylon with waterproof backing
  • Adjustable waist belt & anodized belt loop hook
  • Yellow sealing clip for high visibility

Money Belt

Every day and in every way.  The money belt is on me.  I carry a couple of things in there.  Not only 5 or 10 $20s, but also a certified copy of my passport.  

Men’s Black Leather Money Belt Sizes 32 through 50

  • Leather Money Belt by Fashion Helpers is 1.25 inches wide & can be worn with dress or casual pants
  • Genuine Leather Money Belt features a 14 inch hidden interior zipper & brushed nickel buckle
  • Mens Belt with Zipper used to securely & discreetly store money & Travelers checks while traveling
  • Keep currency safe from Pick-Pockets while traveling by storing it in this Mens Leather Money Belt
  • Order Mens Belts in 1 SZ (2 in) larger than pants size – IE: Pants Size 32 should order Belt Size 34

Door Stop

Another one of the things I don’t have with me.  This is a must and if I ever find one down here it will be part of my travel pack.  Most door jams down here you can see daylight through.  The ability of that door to keep out someone is probably 2 on a scale of 5.  This would at least slow them down.  You might ask if I have ever had someone enter my room while there?  The answer is yes, but it was a mistake.  It seems the desk clerk checked someone into my room late one night.  The door lock from last weeks worked well.  I don’t know who was most shook up.  Him or me.  You don’t expect to go into your new room and find someone in your bed already.  

I used to travel a lot in the US.  This is just one of the things that will happen to you someday.  There will be room mess ups.  As for a real negative situation, none.  None in the US and none down here in my three years here.

Shepherd Hardware 9163 Heavy Duty Rubber Door Wedge, Off-White

  • Heavy-duty commercial wedge helps hold doors open
  • Best suited for institutional and office use
  • Heavy-duty rubber construction with off-white finish
  • Safely wedges doors with up to 1-1/2-Inch of floor clearance

Build your list of items.  Most are small and easy to use as fillers in your backpack, carry on, suitcase or whatever you plan to travel with.  Usually here they are 2-5 day trips, so you don’t carry much.  A woman might have two large suitcases, where a may will have a small backpack, a PakSafe, where he puts his extra pair of underwear and hopefully a toothbrush.  Maybe even an extra shirt if he is spending 5 days.

See you next Tuesday for Tool Day


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