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03-25-2016 (FRI):

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Business Banking in Latin America

How to protect your assets once you get started:

However bad your Spanish is, once in Latin America you will soon start seeing all kinds of business opportunities. Once you’ve found your business “niche” (to me that means no GRINGO competition) you’ll need to have an internet presence and a bank account. That said, how do you select a solid offshore bank for your business accounts(s) that won’t be sucking up to the US govt. and the 1st world legal system?

 Chinese Food

Chinese food lovers? You’ve got a big problem if you live in Latin America:

  Outlawing Cash?

What will happen to small businesses in Latin America after the US and the rest of the 1st world outlaws the use of CASH?

PayPal in Latin America 

The trouble with Pay Pal In Latin America:

Yes they have PP in Latin American, but it’s not such a great deal for businesses and retail providers. Sure, consumers like it but sellers hate it and here’s why…  

 Text Messages

Text message overload (in Spanish): If you’ve got a cheap cellphone, get ready for some constant text message aggravation- in Spanish. What’s that all about?


Naked Sim Cards: Millions of Latins use them… and so do smart Expat Gringos 


The proliferating Latin American cell phone extortion racket: Though this stuff rarely happens to gringos(except in Mexico) here’s a dirty little secret you’ve just got to hear…

 Latin TV

Latin TV, in a word, simply SUCKS!!!:

Yes, Latins love everything gringo and 1st world, even if it’s useless overhyped Ron Popeil junk like Ginzu Knives, Ab Crunchers, Chia-pets and Buns of Steel. That said, slick Latin TV ad people have discovered the “Gringo Advantage”. As long as anything is promoted on TV as a genuine US product, it undoubtedly becomes a hit. So what’s the latest “As Seen on TV” mega-fad gimmick? …..well, it’s a thick Velcro corset that promises to suck in tummy flab and promote an instant hourglass shape. They’re so popular they can’t keep those stupid things in stock! What’s that say about the overweight and obesity problem in Latin America? (sound familiar?)

 Latin Insider Seminar 

My next “Latin Insider” Seminar will be Saturday July 9th thru Friday the 15th. To get on my earlybird discount list, send an email to:       

 Pre and Post Seminar Trips

They have been invited back.  Both will be going to Beautiful Lago Atitlan again.  Johnny shows all of this part of upscale Latin America.  The Pre and Post trips provide you a window into the Mayan world.  Again we will feature Panahachel on the first trip with the Nature Reserve, zip lining, ceramics factory, Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ and a stop in a Mayan Ruin site with tour.  On the second trip there will be more of the Lake.  Almost too much of a good thing.  San Juan La Laguna, San Marcos, Santiago de Atitlan, San Pedro la Laguna and Jaibalito.  Each is a world of its own.  From coffee farms to weaving cooperatives to maybe even a visit to Maximon.

Trips will take place 4 days before and 4 days after the Boots on the Ground Seminar. Plan your flights accordingly.

You will have your own 3.5 year Expat, with stories.  Probably more than you want to listen to, but all the same, stories.  Stories of the things he did right and stories of the things Johnny told him not to do that he did anyway and found out how right Mr. Johnny is.  Plus your own private translator, because Yo no hablo Espinaca.  

Visit me, Johnny, (and Expat super-blogger John Galt) at our new joint website . It’s where you’ll get real “boots on the ground” info, experienced expat blogs and reports. It’s a work in progress so please be patient. We’re continually improving and expanding the format.


Be sure to check out my “The Expat FilesYouTube channel –and become a subscriber (it’s free!)


CONSULT WITH JOHNNY- SCHEDULE A CELL OR SKYPE CALL: Would you like a 1 on 1 personal Skype or phone consult with me? Set up a time when we can talk and sort out your own specific Latin American plans. Just put the word “CONSULT” in the subject line and send a short list of your questions and talking points to:

Tool Tuesday

Missed this week.  We had to go out of the country for three days to keep Visas within standards and avoid fines.  Tool Tuesday will be back this week with, this time, four of my favorite picks. 


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