Tool Tuesday

Tool Tuesday

Tools and Items You Might Want to Consider for any Trips

We always talk about these for people heading to Latin America, but really, no matter where I travel I carry a lot of these.  Almost like a go bag.


This is my travel everywhere bag.  Basically my go bag.  You can’t cut it open.  All zippers have clasps.  The straps can’t be cut.  You can hook it to a bar stool and unless you know it, the only way it is leaving that establishment is if the thief takes the bar stool also.

Bed Bugs?

I am not a big fan of bed bugs.  If you are following the hippies and other hairballs into lower priced establishments.  Consider theses.  I have the satin one.  It is really small when in its bag, but a double.  Caution!!  I ordered the one that showed the girl in it and they didn’t ship her.  I also have a single and then also a double cotton one.  The double Satin one scrunches up into much smaller than the single cotton one.  

Let’s stop here this week and then I will handle some electronic stuff next week.

From Galtenango, good night.

P.S. Watch for Johnny’s Seminar July 9th, click here for the link, and the Pre and Post trips we are putting together to see more of this wonderful country and just seminar venues.  


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