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The non Johnny note from John Galt.

Who is John Galt?  That is the way Atlas Shrugged started.  Written by Ayne Rand.  Ms. Rand is a Russian.  I know, what the hell could she know?  But consider this,  She fled Communism and ended up in a Capitalist country.  She totally embraced it.

Before you go nuts on me about greedy Capitalism consider this.  I am a Capitalist.  What is it?  Well basically I get paid for using not only my capital and my brain to start and build companies and employee people, but I use my courage and take big risks.  What do you as a country get.  Employment.  In my case up to 100 other people were living off my idea, my courage, my capital.  

Think about this just a little.  If I was going to take a #500,000 risk, it was all my money.  ALL MY RISK.  If I calculated wrong, Drumpf and Killary and 0’Vomit and you as the taxpayer were not coming to ease my pain.  That is a big load for me, The Capitalist, to carry.  What do I get in return if I do it right.  Profits.  Happy employees along with Human Resource problems.  Then the GOVERNMENT comes in, depending on the state, and takes as much at 70% of my profits FOR TAKING NO RISKS.  

Awe, come on Galt?  70%.  Whose adding machine are you using.  Well, take a look at it.  Fed is what 40%, the state of NM, one of the poorest states tacks on a CA and NY state tax of 8.5%.  The AQ and Bernalillo county tacks on another 8.875% in sales taxes.  And that is it right?  NOPE.  Property Taxes, Auto Taxes.  Gas Taxes.  0’VomitCare taxes.  Regulation or Reg Taxes and probably 70% is too low.

I, Like Atlas, Shrugged.  There came a point where I was not going to take all the risk, all the mental anguish, all the problems, pay all the salaries, all their FICA on the company side and only get to keep 30%.  Screw it.  You, USA, have sucked too much out of me for the convenience of Malls and Sonics and pretty restaurants and unhappy people.  And then your two best choices to lead the future disaster otherwise known as the USA is Killary and Drumpf.  Are you kidding me.  What if the rest of the world thinks those two are our portrait?

5-7% taxes now.  How does that turn your crank.  I came to Johnny’s seminar on the way to anywhere, but this little country and here I still am.  I am in the land of eternal spring.  In an Altiplano region.  Amongst smiling and warm people.  Hiring people who appreciate income and don’t demand something for nothing.

So with all this being said, the essence of Johnny’s Radio Show, The Expat Files, is how do you establish yourself elsewhere, where you the retiree or businessman or businesswoman is cherished and seen more as a partner than a meal ticket.

I shrugged.  Just like oh how many corporations in the US that have changed their domiciles to other countries in the world.  

Am I alone?  Well not really.  There are some others

The S&P 500 stock index supposedly includes the largest public American companies. It turns out that 28 of them are incorporated in places like Ireland and Switzerland to avoid high U.S. tax rates. These companies sure seem American—except when it comes to paying taxes.

Eaton PLC, Ingersoll Rand, Carnival Cruise, Garmin, Invesco, Burger King, Delphi, Seagate, Nielsen, Tyco, Nobel Corp, Pfizer and on and on.

How big will the devastation be before the US finally figures out you can’t suck it all out of the risk takers, the innovators, the entrepreneurs?  And dammit, you can’t take all my future capital that I use to make new companies, employ more people!

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Who is John Galt?

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