The Expat Files YouTube #570

The Expat Files YouTube #570


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Tricks, diversions and scams used by “cambio guys”… those ever-present street corner and land-border money changers in Latin America. How to get a fair deal if obliged to trade with them.

 How to get the best bank exchange rate when changing US dollar funny money to Latin funny money- and vice versa. 

 How to avoid looking and acting like a clueless gringo at those famously chaotic and confusing land borders. Note, they’re bustling with people and street commerce, fertile ground for hustlers who love spotting out clueless gringos

 Counterfeit dough in Latin America:

Massive amounts counterfeit bills are floating around Latin America. That’s why so many mom and pop shops have samples of counterfeit dough taped up at the check-out register…especially in the small towns out in boonies. When the music stops, you don’t want to be holding or passing any of that bad script. So how can you tell if the Latin dough in you pocket is real or counterfeit? There are ways…



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