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  THE EXPAT FILES SHOW #583- 08-07-2016 (SUN):

heelsHere is a slide that has almost absolutely nothing to do with anything with the possible exception that if you want to see high heels come to a country that has the shortest female population on earth.  Then for the marvels of marvels watch said population, female, negotiate the 400 year old cobblestone streets.  Not so much expertly, but more like wizzardesses or whatever that word might be.  They are magic.  One cannot tell they are not gliding on an immaculate carpet.


Recent history indicates that Gringos of two particular professions are ahead of the curve when it comes to arranging their Latin American plan “B”. Can you the professions and why that seems to be the case?

Have Latin Americans also fallen onto the first-world political correctness trap?

Latins love everything first-world and try to copy our good and bad habits, so why not the PC thing too? Turns out, because Latins have a macho society, things that might seem PC really aren’t. It’s a bit complicated.

What’s the state of science and technology in Latin America?

Yes, Latins have all the first-world advances and gadgets but they create, invent and patent almost nothing. Its hard to believe that Latin America has almost twice the population of the states, but for every Latin patent filed there are 240 filed in the USA. Latins just don’t have a scientific culture.

Today we hit on some rarely discussed yet quite important secondary  reasons why gringos and expats should avoid Mexico as a permanent plan “B” destination

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