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Houston We have a problem.

Houston?  Houston We have a problem

January 2017 Seminar.  Registrations open and dates announced 90 prior to the next seminar.  Johnny needs some time off between each event.  Usually it is, “That WAS THE VERY LAST ONE.”  This time there was a line waiting for the announcement of a January seminar if it was going to happen.

It is 1/3rd full already.  A full month and a half before normal.  We are getting thanks from new attendees and past attendees for opening so early so they can make their plans.

Complaints in the past have been: “Well if we had known we would have scheduled more time.”  If we had known we would have gone on at least one of the trips.?”  If we had known, we would have gotten the residency process started.?  

Now you know.  Get your place in the Seminar, you place in the Pre and Post four day trips and in contact with the Seminar Lawyer to get your residency started.  This might be the last “easiest” country to get a residency in.