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What it Was and What it IS

This blog started now almost four years ago.  The original plan was to cover the feelings of the journey from the comforts of the USA to a residency elsewhere in the world.  

La Aurora International Airport north terminal.
La Aurora International Airport north terminal.

A friend brought to my attention that being so new, new enough that I had just stepped off the plane, what the hell could I even talk about.  Good point.  But my goal was to try to chronicle the feelings of someone moving from the McDonald land, the land of the familiar to the land of What’s Next.  Moving from a place you can live in with your eyes closed to a land, a situation, where Awareness is demanded and rewarded.  From the land where one can be a zombie, no thought required, to a land where one has to be present each and every moment.

I moved to the Present.  A place where only the present matters.

I wanted to tell the story through humor and happenings of what it is like to come into a strange land.  For you New Yorkers and West Coast people it is even more frightening than going to Texas and I don’t mean Texas like Dallas or Austin, I mean like Oatmeal or San Angelo or even Ding Dong, Texas.

Entrance to Ding Dong Dell in Ding Dong, TX
Entrance to Ding Dong Dell in Ding Dong, TX

One of the first pictures was a picture out of my four star hotel window, The Barcelo, of “OMG, way down there at street level is a KFC and a Pizza Hut.”  I spoke no Spanish, but I could translate those two restaurant names.

But one of the first thoughts was upon exiting the fuselage of the American Airlines into a country where they all spoke a language I didn’t.  It became readily apparent it was going to be a major adventure rather quickly.  At baggage I had a problem.  I needed help.  Guatemala was not going to be my destination.  Just here for a seminar.  One that wasn’t going to be 4 hours of talk and then 4 hours of selling.  I am just stopping in this country from the middle ages to get some knowledge and then on to Ecuador or Peru or Chile or Colombia or Panama or Argentina, but never Guatemala.

When you are new and in a new land, you look for something familiar to let you know you will survive no matter what.  After spying the KFC, Pizza Hut and oh yes there was also a Burger King, I ran across THE SIGN from the heavens that let me know that no matter what, I would survive.  On night two I found a HOOTERS.  Well, down here and at that one it was more like a HooTERS.  

Pizza Hut KFC from the Barcelo
Pizza Hut KFC from the Barcelo

I will stop here.  This little country captured me and probably with this picture below.

Lago Atitlan
Sunset, Lago Atitlan

If you read back through all the posts from the first time I moved away from the hotel window in this so called “dangerous” country at he sound of “gun shots” which turned out to be bombas or fireworks to today where I am so very comfortable and feel so much at home, where English is still my first language, German my second, Russian my third and Espanol my fourth, hopefully you will find a love story of how this person came to fall in love with this country and how his awareness grew.

If you need a little road map to living in Latin America replete with feelings, go back and read.  From day one and customs through heart challenges and a stroke to a love I will not give share with you yet.  I will say, love is available down here, not just for the young, but also the young at heart and it comes with Latin fieryness, Latin jealousy, Latin passion and Latin forgiveness.  All that one would expect from a Latin lover.

But this my friends is a story to be told at a later time.  Just trust me, Latin Love is Waiting For You.

So, when you have time, go back and explore this Expatriate’s life a little.  Read about the time he considered becoming a missionary to save the poor Mayan Girls

Local Mayan Tribe named Boodwizer Budweiser Antigua Pappy's
Local Mayan Tribe named Boodwizer Budweiser Antigua Pappy’s

who turned out to be Budweiser girls through the open heart surgery then the stroke.  Read through the era after the medical issues when humor was lost and through the days of living dead just waiting for the final bell to toll.  Read up to the reawakening where God’s voice quietely said, “Son, you are wasting the time I have and am giving you.  How about you LIVE until you die?  Go search.  Go do.  Go be.  Allow someone into your life.  Don’t be a zombie.  I grant you more time to LIVE.  NOW GO AND DO.”

And I am.  Someday I will tell you the love story.  Just suffice it to say, there is one.20160522_184426

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