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Hooter's Guatemala City
Hooter’s Guatemala City

Taco Bell is One That is Making A Killing

As is Hooter’s

Thinking of bringing a USA franchise to Latina America?

Why not? About 95% of the landed franchises are absolutely cleaning up. Still, only a very small percentage of the most recognizable franchises have landed down here, perhaps 10% of the total number and that makes franchising in Latin America seem like nearly a no-brainer. However, meanwhile certain well known franchises like IKEA -one of the most successful franchises in the world- just cannot seem to get a foothold in Latin America, all because of a few odd, surprising and truly unforeseen reasons. Go ahead, take your best guess…

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Galt Seminar Trips.


Car Repair or is it a Crap Shoot

Today we have a car repair “boots on the ground” story that will both surprise and delight.

Tourist Trail

No one can possibly imagine what it’s like to live “off the gringo tourist trail in Latin America, not until they’ve actually done it for a awhile themselves. Sometimes it can be a jaw dropping experience and sometimes it can be a laugh a minute. Here’s another eye-witness tale to prove it…  

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