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Confusion Created by ExPorviderlawyer

We have a challenge.  This will suffice for one of the Attorney Tuesdays I am behind,

We understand there is a person impersonating, insinuating that he is either Johnny Mueller, he is The Expat Files, he is using the radio show and/or his is offering John Mueller’s special reports.  This “Gentleman” dropped the presence out from under Johnny.  Dropped all support.  He eliminated all support from, all from Flagonomics and all from FlagWisdom and this withdrawal effectively made Johnny look for ways to reestablish.  Oh, but he seemed to have forgotten to pass on the database, so he has all names and conveniently forgot to pass on when he, Robert and ExpatWisdom, severed their working relationship.

If you get contacted by this “Gentleman”  He is no longer affiliated with The Expat Files or any of Johnny’s materials, special reports, the seminars in any way shape or fashion.


Letter from Lawyer to the “Gentleman”

Here is the letter from the Latin Lawyer to the “Gentleman”.

Mr Robert Culpepper 

Hello Robert,

Look my friend. Johnny mentioned me that you are using and might sending copyrighted material (Johnny´s material) to all people on the old expat wisdom mailing list

 Please, I kindly ask you to stop doing this, because of the reason explained above. Unfortunately we would have to file a lawsuit and do radio denunciations if you don´t stop.

Johnny was clear to me that you have no permission to sell or use his reports or use his name or insinuate any connection to Johnny/The Expat Files/The New Expat at all. And that will be reported to WordPress, Google and Amazon as internet intellectual property infractions.



Jose E. Urrutia



Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the lawyer at the above websites or, his email address, or:

John Mueller using


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