Of Pride and Happiness

Roads are Jammed.

Bombas are constantly going off.  Sounds like an artillery battle and will evolve into one this evening with various towns competing with answering volleys.

You can’t can’t get anywhere here.  My town has been invaded by different groups mostly from the capitol that have come to party.

Pride, remember that Ewe Ess, pride is absolutely oozing out of everyone, not just the prideful less than 25%.

Good food, good drinks, horns honking, Ambulances running their sirens, flags waving and all for the independence of a nation.

What has turned into a BBQ in the states is a major celebration in this little country.

Every town’s schools have been marching for over a month.

The has been no afternoon nap without a bass drum for well over a month.  

Today the streets will be littered with kiddos banging the drums for the country they are so proud of.  Don’t some of you up north absolutely miss it?

Makes one just a little jealous.  I can almost hear the Souza marches of my childhood when all stood at attention.

  You know back when someone kneeling on the sidelines would have had their heads forcefully removed from their ass.head-up-buttWonder what Caspernut sees up there?

Come visit Guatemala.  I have free no kill passes for the first ten to come to visit.  We will get you in and out of this #3rdWorld country, ALIVE.

Nos vemos, John Galt


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