6 thoughts on “Where is John Galt?


    Tom and I were buddies at Mt. Meissner in Germany, back in the mid-1960s. We messaged each other when he first moved to Guatemala. And he let me know about his expat blog. I am just devastated at learning about his passing. Thank you for writing about him.

  2. Johnny Mueller Reply

    I hope to grow up to be like John Galt someday!

    Big shoes to fill , big sense of humor, big man on campus too.

    Like he said, “always reach beyond your grasp and you won’t be disappointed”.

    Johnny Mueller

  3. Mateo Reply

    We are so blessed to have met and hung out with John Galt at last year’s seminar. He will be extremely missed!

  4. RS Stephen Reply

    Yea, I traded a few emails with him. The last was on Sept. 13, 2016. He was always quick with a reply and had a friendly easy way of filling in the blanks for me. Sad. I was looking forward to meeting him when I got down there. I’ve read Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead many times and would have liked to compare notes with him. Godspeed JG.

  5. Kee Adams Kalwara Reply

    Golf at La Reunión. As I recall, it wasn’t a great shot, but at least he stayed out of the trees. Miss him, and always will. Thank you for keeping his legacy alive.

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