The Expat Files show # 781 – August 12, 2018



#1-Oddball but prescient observations of PT (permanent travelers) in Latin America

 #2-How to remain a clueless gringo: Things expats never seem to learn no matter how long they stay in Latin America

 #3-TEN Things you must be aware of while staying connected with unsecured WiFi at hotels restaurants and internet café’s in Latin America.

#4-When Gringos sue or get sued in Latin courts

#5-Today we have numerous stories depicting some of the single worse mistakes the gringos and expats make over and over again

 #6- Believe it or not, in the last 10 years Chinese cars and trucks have taken over most all the top sales positions in at least half dozen Latin countries. By next year the prediction is Chinese vehicles will have the top sales spots in ALL 20 Latin countries. And the funny thing is that you’ve probably never heard of the most popular brands and models.

#7- The unfortunate and very un-PC truth is that the average IQ’s in Latin America are being reported as around 10 points lower than the first world average. Worse yet IQ’s for all races and cultures have been on a steady decline.      

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