The Expat Files Show # 782 – August 17, 2018



#1-What Uncle Sam doesn’t want you to know about those US embassies and consulates abroad:

The bottom line is, even though these big, super-expensive, reinforced and heavily guarded behemoths can be found most foreign capital cities, the embassy slugs are NOT actually there to help you- nope not your  average US citizen. It’s the subject of today’s first “boots on the ground” story.

#2- Congrats gringo! You finally have your permanent residency in a Latin country. Now what?

Today we discuss the next logical thing to do- the step by step process of moving forward toward your new Latin country passport and nationality- the so-called 2nd Flag! What paperwork and documentation will you need and what is not necessary? What stuff do you need to get from Big Brother land (if any)?

#3-Long time listeners know about that great foreign earned income federal tax break of over $100K per year that many US residents in foreign countries get:

Yes, you automatically get it if you qualify as a resident overseas and meet certain requirements. But DYK some US states will still make you pay state tax on all foreign income even if you don’t step foot in your old corrupt state anymore? Talk about low-down, dirty and ludicrous…

#4-Today we discuss a cheap, dirty and ultra-low tech business niche an astute gringo figured out on his own. He’s cleaning up with it too.

Believe me, I mean literally cleaning up!

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